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Display Measurement System

  • Cosine Receptor Lens Assembly System (CR2 and CRLENS) attaches to fiber optic cable and allow for absolute calibration in radiance RADCAL-SR Watts/sr/m2/nm.
  • Display Measurement spectrometer systems measuring output luminance and CIE chromaticity of cell phone display
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Product Description

Display-System Preconfigured SpectroRadiometer system routine analysis of all types of displays and monitors.  System consists of a SILVER-Nova spectrometer, F600-VISNIR fiber optic cable, CR2 cosine receptor, CRLENSRAD-CAL Radiance calibrations in (W/m^2/sr/Cd/m^2), RAD-CAL low light calibration, & RAD-CAL-DOC NIST traceable certificate. Go to Display page for more configurations…

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If you would like a slightly different configuration and/or wish to measure extremely bright or dim displays please review our display measurement system options on our main website at or with your application details.


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