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Spectrometer Systems

StellarNet Spectrometer Systems are systems preconfigured and designed for a specific application.  Systems usually consist of a spectrometer or multiple spectrometers, an illumination source, and fiber optic accessories.  Some applications such as SpectroRadiometry do not require a light source and instead a system consists of a spectrometer and a light collecting accessory, such as an integrating sphere or cosine receptor.  Common systems include SpectroRadiometers for LED/Solar/Laser/Plasma measurement, Raman Spectrometer Systems, & SpectroChemistry systems such as Absorbance & Fluoresence Spectroscopy.  

Our Online Shop only has a few select preconfigured systems available for direct purchase online because many system should be reviewed by an expert StellarNet Sales & Application Scientist  before purchase to determine if their should be any customizations or additional components required for your specific application.  Visit our main website for more system information or [email protected] directly with your application description.

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