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StellarNet spectrometers are portable & compact fiber optic instruments for UV, VIS, and NIR measurements in the 190-2300nm range.  The StellarNet series of miniature spectrometers is a step up in low cost instrument design, offering CCD 2048 & PDA 512/1024 detectors.  The units are engineered to have no moving parts, no detector sockets, ruggedized aluminum enclosures, and an integrated A/D digitizer for unmatched durability and quality that out performs any instrument in its class.  Numerous models offer standard or high resolution (HR) optics for selected spectral operating ranges.

Our Online Shop only has a few selected spectrometers available for direct purchase and is recommended for repeat customers or advanced spectrometer users. Most new 
spectrometer purchases should be reviewed by an expert StellarNet Sales & Application Scientist.  This helps to determine if there should be any customizations or additional components required for your specific application.  Visit our main website for more system information or directly with your application description.

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