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LED Measurement System

  • LED Measurement System consists of a BLUE-Wave spectrometer, 6" integrating sphere, and an optical fiber.
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  • LED Test Report Software included FREE
  • CRI vs. CQS calculation software included FREE
  • Sample measurement of single LED showing LUX values, CCT, xy Chromaticity and more!
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Product Description

LED-System Preconfigured LED Measurement System with IS6 6″ integrating sphere, BLUE-Wave-VIS spectrometer for spectral range 350-1150nm, F600-VISNIR fiber optic cable, & RAD-CAL NIST traceable Radiant Flux calibration in Watts/nm. SpectraWiz Spectroscopy software is included FREE.  Preconfigured system also includes an IS-Lamp NIST traceable calibration source for system recalibrations & DUT absorption corrections as well as a RAD-CAL-DOC Certificate of Calibration. Go to LED Measurement page for more configurations…

  • Measure LED optical output in Luminous & Radiant Flux, spectral irradiance and LUX, microwatts/cm2, moles per second, PAR, Footcandles, CRI & CQS
  • LED Measurement Systems include a miniature spectrometer, a fiber optic cable (or direct attachment), a light collecting accessory/integrating sphere, and a NIST traceable intensity calibration
  • Real-time 1931 CIE Chromaticity diagram for xy Chromaticity, Dominant Wavelength, Purity, and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  • LED Testing spectrometers available to cover the 200-1700nm range
  • New 2019! SpectraWiz Mobile Radiometer App and new interface options via SMART-Control


Visit StellarNet LED Measurement Website for more LED measurement options and configurations or with your requirements.

StellarNet currently offers 2', 6", & 12" integrating spheres- more info here

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