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SpectroRadiometer System for 200-1700nm Spectral Irradiance Measurement

  • The Dual Fiber Optic Spectrometer system for radiometry includes a BLUE-Wave & DWARF-Star spectrometer for irradiance measurments in W/m^2 over a 200-1700nm wavelength range.

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Product Description

The Shop StellarNet Online store offers various preconfigured systems for out of the box measurement. This system is a Dual Spectrometer system that includes a BLUE-Wave-UVN spectrometer (250-1100nm) and a DWARF-Star NIR spectrometer (900-1700nm).  Both of these spectrometers are coupled via a Y fiber optic cable and are attached to a cosine receptor. The entire system is calibrated against NIST traceable source for spectral irradiance measurment in W/m^2 from 250-1700nm. This system is great for light source characterization of all kinds including SOLAR, Simulators, Growlights, LEDs, etc. If you would like a slightly different configuration please review our main website at www.StellarNet.us or ConactUs@StellarNet.us with your application details.

Dual SpectroRadiometer VIS-NIR (250-1700nm)

BLUE-Wave-UVN spectrometer (250-1100nm)

DWARF-Star NIR spectrometer
F600-Y-VISSRNIR fiber optic cable
CR2 cosine receptor
IRRADUV-CAL + IRRAD-CAL + IRRAD-CAL-NIR Irradiance calibrations
System Price $ 17,990

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