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BLACK-Comet-SR Concave Grating Spectrometers

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  • BLACK-Comet optical bench uses no mirrors or moving parts. The concave grating design reduces stray light, enhances sensitivity, creates a uniform "flat field" image onto the detector array AND is extremely shock stable and thermally robust.
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Product Description

StellarNet BLACK-Comet-SR concave grating spectrometers deliver high performance spectral analysis in the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength range covering 200-1080nm (model C-SR) or optionally 220-1100nm (model CXR-SR).

Research Grade Optical Performance – The BLACK-Comet-SR UV-VIS-NIR spectrometers utilize a Dual Blaze 40mm diameter concave grating with aberration correction to provide the best optical performance of any compact spectrometer on the market.

  • Improved spectral shapes by reducing comma and astigmatism found in plane grating spectrograph designs.
  • Stray light reduction- The spectrograph architecture does not utilize mirrors, and therefore provides the lowest possible stray light, which is especially helpful for UV applications.
  • Enhanced sensitivity- due to the spectrometers ability to reduce light scatter, especially high power UV light, the BLACK-Comet provides two to three times enhanced UV sensitivity as compared to plane grating/Czerny Turner optical configurations.
  • Uniform resolution – The concave grating produces a flat field on the CCD detector creating uniform resolution over the entire spectral range.
  • Thermal Stability- Optical bench architecture without mounting turrets and optical posts (typically in most USB spectrometers) decreases thermal expansion and contraction and increases overall system performance with temperature change


Dual blaze super range models provide wide wavelength ranges. Choose from the tables of standard models with various slit options for your choice of slit resolution. New and improved electronics with a high speed 16-bit digitizer allows for fast data acquisition and a signal to noise of 1000:1!

Ruggedized –  The detachable spectrograph assembly and control electronics are protected inside a rugged metal enclosure, suitable for portable, process, lab, and field applications.

Multi-unit connection (up to 8) can be daisy chained together and are able to run simultaneously.

USB Powered – BLACK-Comet-SR UV-VIS-NIR spectrometers can be powered directly from your PC’s USB-2 port. A single strand fiber optic cable or probe assembly delivers input via standard SMA 905 fiber optic connector with a choice of cable lengths.

Onboard Memory with pre-set calibrations and spectrometer settings and snap shot memory to provide instantaneous spectral image from the highly sensitive CCD with 2048.

High Speed Electronic Interface can be attached directly to a computers USB port for high speed data transfer.  Options for Wifi/ethernet communication available as well as other interfaces. for more info.

Visit our main webpage for more configurations or with your application details.


BLACK-Comet Models     Predicted Slit Resolving Resolutions


Wavelength Range (nm) Grating g / mm Slit-200 nm res. Slit-100 nm res. Slit-50 nm res. Slit-25 nm res. Slit-14 nm res.
BLK-C-SRuv-system-efficiencywhite-light-system-efficiency-curves 200-1080 Dual Blaze Concave 8.0 4.0 2.0 1.5 1.3
BLKCXR-SRuv-system-efficiencywhite-light-system-efficiency-curves 220-1100 Dual Blaze Concave 8.0 4.0 2.0 1.5 1.3

 uv-system-efficiency Deuterium Lamp spectral response white-light-system-efficiency-curves  Tungsten Halogen Lamp spectral response

 CCD/PDA Typical Response 


Technical Specifications

Dynamic Range: 2000:1 with 6 decades Dimensions: 69 x 100 x 150 mm
Optical Resolution:  see above Power Consumption: 100 mA @ 5 VDC
Detector Type: 2048 pixel CCD, PDA opt. Interface: USB-2 or Wifi (2), RS232(3), SPI (3), 4-20mA(3) Digital I/O3 or ethernet (3)
Detector Range: 200-1080nm or 220-1100nm Data Transfer Speed: 30Hz or 1000Hz (1)
Pixel Size: 14 um x 200 um Detector Integration: 1 ms  to 8 minutes
Concave Grating: Aberration corrected Slit Size Options: 14, 25, 50, 100, 200 um
Grating Type: Holographic, 590 g/mm Stray Light: 0.02% at 435nm; 0.2% at 200nm
Spectrograph: f/2, Flat field – No mirrors Fiber Optic Input: SMA-905 0.22na single fiber
Order Sorting Filter: Integrated multi-band Operating Systems: Windows and Linux (2), Andriod(2), iOS(2)
Signal to Noise: 1000:1 CCD, TEC Options Software Included: SpectraWiz Program, WinSDK (C,C#,VB, Delphi), Customizable LabVIEW, VBA for Excel (CRI & LED Report)
Digitizer: 16-bit  

Requires Upgrade
1 zAP1 Electronics Upgrade 
2 zAP2 Wifi + Applications Processor Upgrade with SpectraWiz Mobile Software
3 SMART-Control Interface

Options and Upgrades

JACK 1-In Trigger
TTL input trigger to enable spectrometer scan. $175

TE Cooler Upgrade reduces the temperature of the CCD to 15 degrees below ambient and increase instrument S/N by 60% at long exposures, improving low light measurement quality for fluorescence and other weak emission applications. In order to achieve low temperatures the TEC add-on includes a new sealed and isolated detector enclosure with specialized heat sink and air flow design for added stability and cool operation. $1,650

zAP1 Electronics Upgrade
zAutomation Processor 1 upgrade provides auto and user controllable spectral baseline and gain for maximized dynamic range and burst mode for high speed consecutive spectral capture. $350 (available currently on new spectrometers)

zAP2 Electronics Upgrade
zAutomation Processor 2 upgrade provides an integrated wireless cpu with Wifi access to spectrometer and/or control of application from smart phone. Programmable memory allows customization using popular python language. zAP2 upgrade can be added to new and most old spectrometers in the field.  Once added the spectrometer runs as normal receiving power from the computer’s USB; if 5VDC power is connected directly to the BLUE-Wave the zAP2 CPU initializes and wireless communication begins. zAP2 comes pre-programmed with the latest Spectroscopy Mobile App software and StellarNet Linux Driver set. $550

zAP2 Specification Sheet zAP2 User Manual


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