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Fluorescence System

  • Preconfigured Fluorescence Spectrometer System includes SL1-LED, CUV-F, and SILVER-Nova high sensitivity fiber optic spectrometer.
  • Luminescence measurement of several Lanthanide complexes
  • Fluorescence Spectra of inks and dyes used on currency- Chinese RMB pictured (*note- must purchase fluorescence probe for this application-not included in online shop package).

2.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Shop StellarNet Online store offers various preconfigured systems for out of the box measurement. 

The Preconfigured Fiber Optic Fluorescence spectroscopy system for steady state analysis of liquid samples consists of high sensitivity SILVER-Nova spectrometer, SL1-LEDCUV-F fluorescence cuvette holder that includes a F600-Y-VISNIR fiber optic cable, and SpectraWiz Spectroscopy Software.

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If you would like a slightly different configuration and/or wish to measure solid & powder samples please review our fluorescence spectrometers on our main website at www.StellarNet.us or ConactUs@StellarNet.us with your application details.

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